Despite Benghazi, McCain Might Support Hillary Over Paul in 2016

Despite Benghazi, McCain Might Support Hillary Over Paul in 2016

If there are any questions remaining about the changing of the guard in the GOP, Senator John McCain’s answer to a simple question about whom he would support in a potential 2016 presidential match-up between Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul should answer that. When asked for which one he would vote, McCain laughed and said: “It’s gonna be a tough choice.”

It is quite telling that McCain would say such a thing to the left-wing New Republic, especially after he seemed so outraged after the bungling and subsequent cover up surrounding the September 11 anniversary attacks on our consulate in Libya.

Whatever differences McCain and Paul might have over policy, four people were murdered on Hillary Clinton’s watch at the State Department, and her reaction to those trying to get to the bottom of it were famously met with Clinton screeching, “What difference does it make?”

Moreover, you would think Clinton’s indifference to repeated requests for increased security for our diplomatic team in Libya would border on something close to unforgivable for a former POW. Not to mention the fact no one in the administration even tried to rescue or reinforce a group of Americans under attack.

But we are undoubtedly in the middle of a changing of the guard in the GOP. The McCains, Roves, and Grahams see their time coming to an end, and in response they have, at times, launched nihilistic campaigns against the Tea Party, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, etc.

Rove runs to the New York Times to attack his own, McCain runs to the New Republic to slash away at one of our rising stars by giving The Grand Dame of Libya  a credibility boost…

Seems that the mayors of the village are willing to burn it down rather than see themselves replaced.


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