OFA Extends Cult with ObamaCare Birthday Wishes to Barack

OFA Extends Cult with ObamaCare Birthday Wishes to Barack

I have lived under the Administrations of 8 Presidents. Until Barack Obama, I never knew the date of their birthday. In fact, except for Barack Obama, I don’t know the exact birthday of any US President. (I know Washington and Lincoln were born some time in February.) Obama’s organizing arm, OFA, not only wants me to know that Sunday is Barack’s Obama, but also that I should be politically active in “honor” of the event. This creepiness is beyond the ability of science to measure.  

Sunday is the first of a month-long “action days” by Organizing for America. OFA wants Americans to mark Obama’s birthday by attending “house parties” to promote the advantages of ObamaCare. On Monday, Americans are supposed to pause from their work to appreciate Obama’s proposal to provide amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants. On Tuesday, presumably, Americans get to rest, and return to their regular lives. 

Just a few months ago, North Korea held a nation-wide festival to celebrate the 101st birth of long-dead dictator Kim Il-sung. The Hermit Kingdom paused from their collective daily grind to fete their departed “Dear Leader.”

Crowds of people climbed Mansu Hill in the centre of the capital to lay flowers and bow at the feet of giant statues of Kim Il-sung, and his late son and the North Korea’s second president, Kim Jong-il.

It is customary for North Koreans to lay flowers at images and statues of the Kims on major anniversaries and holidays.

What is customary for North Koreans, OFA thinks should be customary for Americans. January 20, 2017 can’t come fast enough.