Pro-Amnesty Town Halls Depend on False Border Security Narrative (Video)

Pro-Amnesty Town Halls Depend on False Border Security Narrative (Video)

As amnesty advocates and their sympathizers in the Democratic and Republican Party leadership prepare for an aggressive amnesty-before-security August push in town hall meetings across America, the recent town hall hearing Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee held in Houston gives us a glimpse of what we can expect.

The town hall was held during working hours, a fact that prevented most working people from attending, and saw several hundred pro-amnesty supporters gather to hear from four pro-amnesty congressional members and several prominent pro-amnesty local leaders. There were no dissenting voices allowed at the event.

Many right-of-center Americans are demanding the heavy flow of illegal immigrants into the U.S. is addressed prior to resolving the citizenship status of the 11+ million illegal immigrants already living in the U.S. Democrats and some Republican leaders are insisting the main issue is granting amnesty for the millions already here.

Critics reflect back to what Reagan referred to as his big mistake, which was granting amnesty prior to border security, on the promise from Democrats and some Republicans that border security would follow the amnesty provisions. It never did.

One significant part of the foundation to the pro-amnesty argument is based upon the false assertion from leaders that the border is already secure. This argument was made during Sheila Jackson Lee’s Houston town hall by Democratic Congressman Gene Green. 

However, one day prior to Congressman Green’s assertion, Breitbart News revealed a gaping hole in the border fence that allowed illegal immigrants to cross directly into a U.S. neighborhood, with no security present of any kind. Both videos, Congressman Greens false assertions of border security and the exclusive Breitbart News video exposing the narrative as false, can be seen below:



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