Poll: Most Americans Think Implementation of Obamacare a 'Joke'

Poll: Most Americans Think Implementation of Obamacare a 'Joke'

A majority of Americans not only think the implementation of Obamcare is a “joke,” but believe Obamacare will lead to socialized medicine and lower the quality of their healthcare while increasing costs, taxes, and adding to the federal deficit. 

According to a new Fox News poll, 57% of Americans feel Obamacare’s implementation is “a joke” compared to 31% who think “it’s going fine.” The poll also found that 63% of voters “think the 2010 health care law needs to be changed and Congress should keep at it,” which is up “from 58 percent who felt that way in July 2012. ” Only 31% say the law should stay as it is and Congress should “move on” to other issues.

In addition, “65 percent of independents think Congress should keep working on the law, up from 53 percent last year.” The poll found even “41 percent of Democrats now feel the law needs more work, up from 35 percent.”

The poll also found that more Americans believe the law is “disastrous” than “wonderful”–six percent of voters said Obamacare was “wonderful,” 37 percent said, “it’s progress,” and 39 percent said, “it’s disastrous.”

More than 80% of Democrats view the law favorably, while nearly 90% of Republicans do not. 

Americans are also concerned about the cost of Obamacare, with 71 percent believing “Obamacare will increase their taxes, while 62 percent say it will increase the cost of their premiums. Another 65 percent think it will add to the deficit.” 

In addition to the plurality of Americans that thinks “the quality of their health care will decrease rather than increase,” 62% also believe Obamacare “puts the country on the path to socialized health care.” Nearly twice as many of those who felt Obamacare would socialize healthcare saw that “as bad rather than good.”

The Fox News poll, which has a margin of error of +/- 3 percentage points, “is based on landline and cell phone interviews with 1,007 randomly chosen registered voters nationwide” and was conducted from August 3 to 5.