Pelosi Outraged By 'Slap Hillary' Site, Silent on 'Slap Palin' Game

Pelosi Outraged By 'Slap Hillary' Site, Silent on 'Slap Palin' Game

Last week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) demanded Republicans take down a “Slap Hillary” game the GOP had no part in creating. The website was put up by an independent group called The Hillary Project. 

“‘Slap Hillary’ site isn’t a game, it isn’t funny. Like all violence against women, it’s sick. GOP needs to grow up and take this site down,” Pelosi tweeted.

As BizPacReview notes, however, Pelosi has never had a similar complaint about a similar “Slap Palin” game. That site also has a “photoshopped image of Palin naked, having sex with former running mate John McCain.”

“Pelosi and her fellow travelers on the left don’t denounce games like ‘Slap Hillary’ because they’re ‘sick’ like ‘all violence against women,'” BizPacReview wrote. “They denounce them because they don’t like their politics.”

BizPacReview observes that Democrats who claim to champion women and accuse Republicans of waging a “war on women” often do not have a problem when female conservatives are degraded or encouraged to be slapped back to Alaska. 

“They have no problem with the same thing – and worse – being done to a Republican woman in the same virtual context,'” BizPacReview wrote. “In all seriousness, who’s really ‘sick’ here?”


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