Clinton Foundation Spent $50 Million on Travel

Clinton Foundation Spent $50 Million on Travel

The Clinton Foundation has spent over $50 million on travel expenses since 2003, reports the New York Post. The Post’s analysis examined tax forms from the William J. Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Health Initiative, and the Clinton Health Action Initiative. 

In 2011, the Clinton non-profits spent $12.1 million on travel. The Post says that is enough to purchase 33 airline tickets a day for the entire year. The high travel expenditures are even more startling considering Clinton has flown on businessman John Catsimatitis’s aircraft on several occasions gratis or at reduced rates.

This is not the first time the Clinton Foundation’s travel practices have made headlines. The Clinton Foundation raised eyebrows when in 2009 it reportedly flew Hollywood star Natalie Portman and her dog first class to one of the non-profit’s events. 

The news of the Clinton Foundation’s exorbitant travel expenditures comes on the heels of a stinging New York Times investigation that revealed the Clinton Foundation, soon to be renamed the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, suffers from mismanagement and cronyism that leverages powerful access and relationships for for-profit ventures.


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