Sheriffs Band Together to Overturn Colorado Gun Control Laws

Sheriffs Band Together to Overturn Colorado Gun Control Laws

Colorado GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo says sheriffs throughout CO have added momentum to efforts to overturn gun control laws that are infringing on the Second Amendment rights of Coloradans.

When Breitbart News spoke with Tancredo on August 26, he said: “The laws that have been passed are being challenged by 55 Sheriffs, along with other Coloradans who anticipate the laws will be struck down because they are blatantly unconstitutional.”

In the interim he said winning the upcoming September 10 recall elections “will be the most important and powerful signal we can send.” These recalls focus on Democrat state senators John Morse and Angela Giron, both of whom supported the gun control measures that Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper signed into law on March 20.

These laws include a ban on magazines over 15 rounds (rifle or pistol), background check requirements for every sale in the state, and a new tax–described as a service fee–for those background checks. The background check requirement effectively ends private sales within the state.

Tancredo said the fact that “55 of 62 elected Sheriffs” oppose the new gun control laws brings a lot of momentum to the efforts to overturn these laws and to recall Morse and Giron.

He said sheriffs “are probably the most respected elected officials in the state,” so it carries a lot of clout when this many of them “challenge the governor.”

Tancredo said he has always been proud to represent Colorado, whether in the state legislature, the Reagan administration, or the U.S. Congress. But he has “never been as proud” as he is now, watching Coloradans rally to take back their state and their 2nd Amendment rights.

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