Obama's Contempt for WWII Veterans Goes Back to 2009

Obama's Contempt for WWII Veterans Goes Back to 2009

Now that the Obama Administration has blocked WWII veterans from visiting a Veterans memorial, it might be germane to remember what Obama did to 26 WWI veterans only eight months after he took office. Obama and his Administration, in September of 2009, refused to give pensions to 26 elderly men who served in the World War II-era Alaska Territorial Guard. Those men were serving to protect Alaska from the Japanese during World War II. Because the Obama Administration refused to count the service in the Territorial Guard as military service, the 26 men could not qualify for retirement pay, as they didn’t meet the 20 year minimum for years of service.

The White House said it didn’t feel it was “appropriate to establish a precedent of treating service performed by a state employee as active duty for purposes of the computation of retired pay.”

Alaska needed to be defended in WWII; the Japanese attacked and invaded Alaska’s Aleutian Islands in June 1942. The Aleutian Islands were important as they could control Pacific routes and allow attacks against the U.S. West Coast. 


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