FEC Records Confirm Obamacare Signup Poster Boy Donated $1,000 to Obama

FEC Records Confirm Obamacare Signup Poster Boy Donated $1,000 to Obama

21 year old Chad Henderson has rocketed to fame over the past few days as the only known person to have successfully signed up for Obamacare. The mainstream media has trumpeted his story at every opportunity.

As it turns out, much of his story may not be true. At the very least, it is incomplete.

First, his father stated and the Washington Post confirmed that Chad had, in fact, not successfully signed up for Obamacare.

Then on Friday Breitbart’s John Sexton reported a 9 month old tweet from Chad Henderson claiming to have donated $1,000 to President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. In addition, Henderson was a vocal Obama for America volunteer, and claimed to have been invited to President Obama’s 2013 inauguration. In their initial reports, mainstream media outlets had characterized Henderson as an average young person not much involved in politics.

Based on our review of Federal Election Commission records, Breitbart News has confirmed that Chad Henderson’s claim of donating $1,000 to the Obama campaign is most likely true. According to those records, Chad Henderson of Flintsone, Georgia, an employee of Walmart, donated $500 to the Obama Victory Fund on June 7, 2012, and an additional $500 to Obama for America on the same day.

According to his Facebook page, Mr. Henderson is currently a student at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. His father, Bill Henderson, owns a small business in Chattanooga. Flintstone, Georgia, where the Chad Henderson who donated $1,000 to the Obama campaign in 2012 lived, is a mere 8 miles south of Chattanooga. Mr. Henderson’s recently closed Twitter account included an instagram photo of a trip mapped out that originated in Flinstone, Georgia. Breitbart News has not confirmed directly with Mr. Henderson that he was employed by the Flintstone, Georgia Walmart in 2012, but based on the available evidence it is reasonable to conclude this is likely the same individual. 

Though young Mr. Henderson has not yet signed up for Obamacare, he certainly has proven he has all the qualifications necessary to serve in a prominent position in the Obama administration’s communications office.

Image: wchadhenderson Facebook page


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