Hawaii Has Zero Obamacare Signups

Hawaii Has Zero Obamacare Signups

Not a single resident of President Barack Obama’s home state of Hawaii has signed up for Obamacare, reports CBS’s D.C. affiliate. 

Hawaii officials say Obamacare’s nationwide website failures have prevented the state’s citizens from accessing even basic premium and healthcare plan information. 

Coral Andrews, executive director of the state’s Obamacare “Health Connector” exchange, said she does not know when Hawaii will be able to relaunch its busted Obamacare exchange. 

“We’re looking at where we’ll be by the 15th of October. I’m not saying that is the date, but we are working within that date,” Andrews said. “We don’t want to go longer than that date.” 

Hawaii is not alone in experiencing crippling technical failures to its Obamacare exchange. States all across the U.S. are reporting serious technical failures that have stymied enrollments. Iowa’s exchange is so bad that the state has only signed up five residents for Obamacare

Obama Administration officials refuse to release the number of total U.S. Obamacare enrollments. 

A new Associated Press poll finds that just 7% of Americans believe Obama’s signature healthcare roll out has “gone well.” Obamacare also continues to be unpopular with the nation as a whole; just 39% of Americans support the healthcare law. 

American taxpayers will spend $2.6 trillion funding Obamacare over the next 10 years. 


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