Holder: Dial 911, Wait on Police During Mass Shootings

Holder: Dial 911, Wait on Police During Mass Shootings

In remarks for a law enforcement conference in Philadelphia, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says unarmed citizens victimized in mass shootings should count on local police instead of specially trained units to arrive on scene. 

According to the AP, “the attorney general says authorities don’t always have the luxury of time to get their most highly trained officers on the scene.” He said this also means local police should get special training and preparation for what they might face should a mass shooting take place in their area.

No mention made of doing away with gun free zones, or at least reducing the number of them, so law-abiding citizens can carry their own firearms to protect themselves.

Instead the message to law-abiding citizens seems to be dial 911, hide, pray, and wait 20 minutes for police to arrive. 

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