Poll: Obama Approval Drops for Third Straight Quarter

Poll: Obama Approval Drops for Third Straight Quarter

The latest Gallup survey shows Obama’s presidential approval is continuing to drop. The 19th quarter of his presidency registers at 44.5% average approval rating, a drop of 3% from his 18th quarter average. “That is one of the largest quarter-to-quarter declines of his presidency, behind a nine-point drop in his third quarter and a six-point drop in his 11thquarter.”

The drop is the third consecutive quarter in which Obama’s approval is declining.


Notably, approval dropped during the government shut down, where his rating dropped “as low as 41%.”  Obama’s approval had not been this low since November 2011.

Reagan, Eisenhower, and Clinton all had higher approval ratings in their 19th quarter, all near 60%.  Two presidents, Nixon and LBJ had lower ratings in the corresponding quarter attributable to the unpopularity of the Vietnam war.  Obama’s approval level’s bear most similarity to George W. Bush and Harry Truman.




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