Sixty-Three AR-15s Stolen, Possibly Sold to 'Unwitting Buyers'

Sixty-Three AR-15s Stolen, Possibly Sold to 'Unwitting Buyers'

On October 24, a pallet holding 63 Colt AR-15s was stolen from a warehouse in Caddo Parish, Louisiana. None of the guns have been recovered, and it is feared they could have been sold to “unwitting buyers.”

According to CNN, the AR-15s “were being shipped from Hartford, Connecticut, to a Shreveport-area gun store.” 

The pallet full of rifles was one of five such pallets in the warehouse at the time.

The Caddo Parish sheriff’s office and the ATF questioned “a contractor” who was working as a warehouse security guard on the day the firearms arrived. After questioning the security guard and “two other men,” all three were arrested and booked “for theft of a firearm.”

A fourth man was arrested when authorities searched his home for the stolen guns and found a stolen television instead. The television was “stolen from the warehouse the same day as the guns.”

Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator released a statement saying the 63 AR-15s were valued at $800 each.

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