Background Checks for Ammunition Purchases Delayed in New York

Background Checks for Ammunition Purchases Delayed in New York

The implementation of background checks for ammunition purchases in the State of New York continues to be delayed as state police try to development a system for doing such checks. 

Background checks for ammunition purchases were one of the many laws NY Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law in January under the auspices of the SAFE Act. 

According to the New York Daily News, state police are still “working on technology solutions to be able to carry out this part of the SAFE Act so that the public, buyers and sellers are not inconvenienced in any way when they purchase ammunition.”

This is the second time a part of the SAFE Act has proved difficult to implement. Earlier this year, Cuomo and lawmakers realized their ban on magazines that hold more than seven rounds of ammunition was unrealistic given the fact that seven-round magazines do not even exist for the most popular handguns. So they changed the law to allow New Yorkers to own 10-round magazines, but limited them to keeping only seven rounds of ammunition in those magazines. 

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