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The Clintons Want McAuliffe to Ready Virginia for Hillary 2016

The Clintons Want McAuliffe to Ready Virginia for Hillary 2016

As Bill Clinton campaigns for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, gun owners need to step back and realize his interest is not just in a McAuliffe victory but in securing Virginia for Hillary Clinton in 2016. 

Think about what this would mean for gun rights in a state where 51 percent of voters support the NRA. McAuliffe is so confident that he can get elected by the beltway crowd in Virginia that he is coming right out and telling them he is going to ban their “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines, then put universal background checks in place so he can dictate how many guns they are allowed to buy each month.  

This is a precursor to Hillary 2016, and it is not much different from the laws Bill Clinton instituted as president. (Remember, Clinton signed the original “assault weapons” ban in 1994 and chief fundraiser McAuliffe uttered nary a word in protest).

The Clintons never do anything without knowing they can get something in return–and supporting McAuliffe for governor is no different; a victory for him is a victory for Hillary, plain and simple. It will show that one of the purple swing states has become decidedly blue.

Virginia will then become a proving ground of sorts as Hillary watches McAuliffe systemically eviscerate gun rights throughout the state, something she and her husband are fond of doing on the federal level. 

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