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Boo! Voters Prefer Third Party Candidate Over Republican

Boo! Voters Prefer Third Party Candidate Over Republican

The latest NBC/WSJ poll finds that more Americans would vote for a third party candidate for Congress than a Republican. 35% of voters prefer a Democrat, which has been steady for three years. Republicans, however, have experienced an 8-point swing against them since they took control of the House. Today, just 28% of voters say they would vote for a Republican for Congress, while 30% would opt for a third party. 

The GOP Establishment, engaged in open war against the Tea Party and conservatives, is simply committing political suicide. Listening to the consultant and pundit class who inhabit the “Acela line” between New York and DC, the Republican elite believes it must shed itself of the conservative base that won them a majority. From John McCain to Grover Norquist, the GOP elite have made public their disdain of the party’s conservative base. The donors, lobbyists and consultants who fuel the party are committing enormous resources to defeat conservatives at the ballot box. 

The Republican party risks going the way of the Whigs in the 19th Century. While close to 70% of Democrats want their party leaders to compromise on the coming budget talks, a slim plurality of Republicans want their leaders to “stick to principles” (47%) rather than “compromise” (46%). Republican voters recognize that the “go-along-to-get-along” attitude of Republicans in DC has been a big factor in creating the mess our nation is in. 

Just 38% of voters “blame” Republican for the shutdown. 59% blame Obama or both parties equally. In the aftermath of the shutdown, voters view “Tea Party Republicans” more favorably then generic “Republicans” in Congress. This is stunning considering the amount of vitriol emanating from the GOP establishment and the media against Tea Party conservatives. 

Yes, the Republican brand is suffering in the polls. Not, however, for the reasons the establishment thinks. Republican voters are becoming disgusted with the party leadership. For all the right reasons.  


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