Tea Party to Protest Obama-McAuliffe Rally

Tea Party to Protest Obama-McAuliffe Rally

The Northern Virginia Tea Party is planning a rally outside the McAuliffe campaign’s rally with President Obama on Sunday. Joined by Dr. John Cuccinelli, brother of the Republican candidate, the activists will protest ObamaCare and warn about its possible expansion in Virginia if McAuliffe is elected Governor on Tuesday.

“Don’t let [McAuliffe] get away with bringing the trainwreck that is Obamacare to Virginia,” the group said in an email to supporters. “[C]ome and show them that Virginians, especially Virginian women, won’t stand for this!”

McAuliffe has made expanding Medicaid under ObamaCare a central plank of his campaign plank. The expansion has been blocked by a Republican Legislature and Governor. ObamaCare promises to cover at least 90% of the expansion costs for the first few years. 

Ken Cuccinelli told reporters on a conference call Friday that House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan told him the federal government does not have the money to meet this promise. Cuccinelli said an expansion could “blow a hole” in Virginia’s budget. 

Obama’s visit for McAuliffe comes as his approval ratings have fallen in the midst of the disastrous rollout of ObamaCare. Cuccinelli, in the final days of the campaign, has argued that Tuesday’s election is a “referendum” on ObamaCare. The Tea Party protest is an indication that the message is getting at least some traction ahead of the vote in 2 days. 

A Cuccinelli victory on Tuesday would be a big upset. It would be fitting, though, if he were able to edge McAuliffe on the issue of ObamaCare. Cuccinelli first entered the national stage by filing the first lawsuit against the health care law. 

That law may yet save his campaign. 


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