Palin: Americans Shouldn't Have Faith in 'Arrogant' Church of Big Government

Palin: Americans Shouldn't Have Faith in 'Arrogant' Church of Big Government

On Saturday, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin blasted the “scrooges” waging a “war on Christmas” and their “zealot-like” faith in an “arrogant” church of big government run by the supposed best and the brightest that has only caused “irreparable harm” to America.  

She said the “arrogant” church of government does not have “faith in your ability to govern yourself,” so “you should not have faith in it” because “it does not have faith in us.”

Speaking at an Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition dinner, Palin said “enough is enough” of the “politically-correct police out there” and blasted the scrooges waging a “War on Christmas.” 

Palin said Americans needed to take action to resist the “fundamental transformation” of society that many Americans “never signed up for.” Echoing themes from her book, Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas, which comes out on Tuesday, Palin said that “religious freedom is under attack,” and religion is “pushed out of the public square” and “censored.” Palin said one will see the censorship and double standards “blatantly come this holiday season.” 

She said that the war on Christmas sounds like an oxymoron but it is real, “a symptom of a bigger issue,” and “just the tip of the spear in a larger battle.”

Palin then noted that the “scrooges who are too enlightened for religion” have a very “zealot-like faith in the church of big government.” 

“What’s that done for you lately?” Palin asked. 

She said the “church of big government” is run by the supposed “best and the brightest,” and she slammed the recent National Security Agency spying scandals, the barricading of the World War II Monument during the partial government shutdown, and the recent failures of Obamacare, which she said was the church of big government’s “crowning achievement” to date.

She blasted the “best and the brightest” in the Obama administration for believing “hicks in flyover country” or “hockey moms in Alaska” do not know what health insurance plans are best for their families or cannot run their own lives without government interference. 

Palin also said the “lapdog media” allow the “best and the brightest” in the church of big government to “get away” with lies and bad policies, which has caused “irreparable damage” to the country. 

She said under the “church of big government,” there have been “shuttered businesses and cities” and “poverty has gone up,” while a “record number of Americans are giving up and no longer bothering to look for work.”

“Where has that gotten you?” Palin asked. 

She then blasted “immoral and unscrupulous” leaders who “ignore the Constitution in favor of their fundamental transformation agenda” while “enriching themselves and their cronies while their nation goes bankrupt… that’s dictatorship.”


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