Sen. Kay Hagan Website Still Promises You Can Keep Your Insurance

Sen. Kay Hagan Website Still Promises You Can Keep Your Insurance

U.S. Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) is now attempting to run as far away from her support of ObamaCare as possible. One hollow but high-profile move Hagan recently made was to demand a full investigation of the ObamaCare exchanges. Hagan is also supporting a bill to “make sure that people who like their health insurance can keep it.” One wonders, then, why her website still promotes the discredited promise that ObamaCare allows you to keep your insurance.

A reader on Twitter, @Jaschrein, alerted me to the fact that this proven lie is still live and being spread on Hagan’s official Senate site. The document sports the Orwellian title: “Health Care Facts“:

And here is Hagan in 2009,  making the same false claim:

With her poll numbers plummeting and her 2014-relection campaign less than a year away, calling for a full ObamaCare repeal probably wouldn’t help at this point.  All of us in North Carolina know that had she voted against ObamaCare, it would not be the law of the land today. Her vote was decisive.

And as you can see above, Hagan is also on record spreading the same falsehoods as President Obama, at the cost of millions who have been blindsided with insurance cancellations.

Hagan was either dishonest or didn’t understand the human consequence of what she cast a deciding vote for.

Neither is acceptable.


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