Moms Demand Action Claims 'Mass Shooting Every Day'

Moms Demand Action Claims 'Mass Shooting Every Day'

During a November 12 appearance on MSNBC, Moms Demand Action (MDA) leader Shannon Watts claimed “we have a mass shooting everyday.” 

This was just one day after she said Texans who openly carried rifles in a counter protest against MDA were like “the Taliban.” According to National Review Online, Watts suggested the group “Open Carry Texas” (OCT) was “full of people who might rape the women involved in MDA.”

WeaselZippers reports Watts did not bother explaining that openly carrying a rifle in Texas is legal, just as openly carrying a handgun is legal in Arizona, Mississippi, and numerous other states. Rather, she said the people that stand for gun rights in OCT “are the people making the laws, and that’s why we have a mass shooting everyday.”

On October 23 Breitbart News reported that Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly claimed 16 mass shootings since the crime at Sandy Hook Elementary, but they provided no list of these shootings. Now MDA has upped the number exponentially, claiming such crimes happen “everyday.”

When not claiming daily mass shootings or suggesting members of a given pro-gun group “might rape” members of MDA, Watts uses her position to pressure corporations and small businesses to ban guns on their property–effectively creating new gun free zones in which law abiding citizens cannot defend their lives.

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