Only 1% of Massachusetts Cancellations Have Enrolled for ObamaCare

Only 1% of Massachusetts Cancellations Have Enrolled for ObamaCare

There are too many rolling and coming catastrophes caused by ObamaCare to keep track of. Just wait until the employer market is hit late next year. But within a few weeks, a humanitarian crisis is about to hit millions who could find themselves without health insurance. Millions who had their insurance policies cancelled are now unable to re-insure themselves on the broken ObamaCare websites. In liberal Massachusetts alone, only 1% of those cancellations have re-enrolled.

The Boston Herald reports that ObamaCare and the president’s broken promise have already cost 150,000  Bay Staters their health insurance plans. But of those 150,0000, only 549 are in the Massachusetts Health Connector to be re-enrolled on time. Even that small number are not officially enrolled.

Overall, only 47,781 total accounts have been created and a paltry 16,282 applications have been completed.

What you likely have here is a toxic mix of people who either can’t access the state site due to the technical problems, or those who have decided not to re-enroll. There is still 32 days to sign up in time, but it is obvious many are in no hurry.

Most of the people in the White House, including the president, have never had any real experience outside of government or academia, so they probably didn’t know that betrayal and frustration combined with rate shock is no way to attract customers.

For those who are already ill or might get ill early next year, this is no laughing matter. How many of the millions who had their policies cancelled have scheduled surgery or chemotherapy in early January. And how many of those, through no fault of their own, won’t be covered because they can’t access the ObamaCare site or afford the ObamaCare-approved plan?

On top of that, if a large portion of the millions who had their insurance cancelled simply refuse to re-enroll, you can bet that those refusing will be the young and healthy needed to keep ObamaCare financially viable. The result of an insurance pool filled with the sick and elderly would be skyrocketing premiums; which means more healthy people drop out, which mean prices go even higher.

That is called the death spiral.

It is becoming more and more likely that by this time next year, ObamaCare could result in an increase in the number of Americans who are uninsured.  


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