KNOCKOUT: Cyclist Dropped by Group of Teens in Philadelphia

KNOCKOUT: Cyclist Dropped by Group of Teens in Philadelphia

There is no sign that the “Knockout” game is letting up any time soon. On Friday night, a south Philadelphia man cruising on his bicycle was senselessly beaten. Detectives on the case told NBC 10 that they believe the five teen boys and three teen girls believed to be responsible were playing the Knockout game.

This is one more incident of a game that has become prevalent in US cities, whereby an unsuspecting person gets punched in the face or head. The perpetrators try to land a knock-out blow, delivering concussions, lacerations, contusions, even death. Fortunately, in this case, the injuries were not too severe so hospitalization was not necessary. 

Though news reports have not described the victim or the assailants, the attacks have been carried out by a group of young blacks on a lone white or Asian.

In Philadelphia, a group called “Taking Our South Philadelphia Streets Back” has developed a facebook campaign to alert city leaders and the Mayor to galvanize forces and put an end to this dangerous game. “Our citizens are sick and tired of living in fear due to teens thinking this is a game” claims leader Marc Ferguson. “I am hereby calling upon the District Attorney, Mayor Michael Nutter, City Council and all of Philadelphia’s legislators to come together and KNOCK OUT The Knock Out Game.” Ferguson wants the perpetrators to be charged with hate crimes, assault, attempted murder, and “anything else that can be added on.”



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