High School Football Star Accused of Murdering Homosexual Lover

High School Football Star Accused of Murdering Homosexual Lover

A Connecticut high school football captain has been charged with stabbing his homosexual lover to death after the high-schooler decided he wanted to break off their relationship. Bloomfield High School student Tarence Mitchell, 18, killed Ronald Taylor Jr., 27, with a steak knife, stabbing him five times after Taylor arrived and allegedly struck Mitchell in the face. Mitchell, who initially claimed that the two men were attacked by two other men wearing hoodies, confessed he and Taylor had been lovers and that Taylor had wined him and dined him with marijuana and alcohol for two years.

But when Mitchell wanted out at the end of 2012, court documents state, “Taylor posted a picture of him on Facebook that included a blog of bad things about him, including him being a Bloomfield gay football star.” Mitchell added that when he texted girls, Taylor was incensed, and threatened him with a sword the week of the murder.

Court documents continue that on Thursday, Taylor informed Mitchell that he was coming, and Mitchell stuck a steak knife in his pocket for protection.

Mitchell’s mother said of her son, “My son is a good kid. He’s never been in trouble. My son is not a murderer.”


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