Politico: Dems Prep to Trash ObamaCare

Politico: Dems Prep to Trash ObamaCare

It is no secret that the Democrat party is hemorrhaging support in the wake of the disastrous ObamaCare rollout. As the Administration warns that the website will not be fully operational at the end of November, nervous Democrats are expected to try to separate themselves from Obama and his flawed health program. Politico’s Mike Allen was on MSNBC this week, saying that they are “hearing” that Democrats will be very aggressive against the program in Congressional oversight hearings next week.  

If Politico is “hearing” something, it means Democrats are trying to leak the information to the public ahead of the hearings. Politico and Mike Allen, especially, are simply another communications vehicle for the Democrat party. With Americans gathering around the dinner table later this week to discuss all aspects of life and current events, Democrats want it to be known that they are equally upset about the botched implementation of ObamaCare. 

Democrats have unique ownership of Obama’s health care law. It is the only major program in history to pass Congress with no support from the opposition party. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid used unprecedented procedures to pass the law and, even then, it only passed with the bare minimum majority. Every Democrat vote, it can easily be argued, was the deciding vote in the Senate to enact ObamaCare. As a result, many of these incumbents will be vulnerable next year. 

When the House convenes oversight hearings next week to investigate the failings of ObamaCare, expect Democrats to be equally vocal in their grilling of the Administration. They are desperate to put some daylight between themselves and Obama. 

Just a few months ago, Democrats were nurtured with the fantasy that they could win back control of the House. Today, though, they are haunted by the prospect of losing even more seats in the House and giving up control of the Senate. There plight is a reminder of the old adage to “be careful what you wish for.” Democrats got ObamaCare. And ObamaCare may now get the Democrats. 


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