Manhattan Chef Latest Victim of Knockout Game?

Manhattan Chef Latest Victim of Knockout Game?

Philadelphia police believe the “Knockout Game” is responsible for the vicious beating of a Manhattan chef visiting Old Town Philly on Tuesday. 

Diego Moya, with his nose shattered and his jaw fractured, underwent a three hour surgery which included the wiring of his jaw shut, leaving him speechless. The “Knockout Game” is played by predominantly black teens who punch unsuspecting victims, rendering them unconscious, severely injured, or in some cases dead.

Due to his condition, Moya was only able to communicate online. “I recall zero, was a few doors down from my hostel. Woke up on a stoop with blood on my hand,” he said. “Ate dinner with friends and on my way back to the hostel got pizza as I walked down the alley I was hit from behind. Nothing was stolen from me which leads me to believe this was that ‘game.’ I hope I’m the last person this happens to,” he said.

One day before the attack on Moya, Michael Nutter, the Mayor of Philadelphia, warned perpetrators of this dangerous and deadly game in a press conference that  that he will seek third-degree murder charges for those cases that involve fatalities.

Moya is still thankful and feels things could have been worse. He is grateful for not suffering any internal bleeding or a concussion. Moreover, he is thankful for the love and support he has received since the incident: “My family is great, I don’t want to see anyone for a couple of days since I feel a bit ashamed about how I look but the overall support is amazing.”


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