Obama Hits Record Low In Real Clear Politics' Poll of Polls

Obama Hits Record Low In Real Clear Politics' Poll of Polls

Real Clear Politics has been tracking the average of President Obama’s job approval and disapproval numbers since the 44th president took office. Monday, Obama hit a record low in approval — just 40.0% — and stayed at his recent record low in disapproval of 55.6%.

The president’s best single poll comes from Rasmussen, which is an outlier of 45% approving, 54% disapproving. Other than that, Obama’s best showing is 41% approval, his worst is 37%.

The Real Clear average gap in Obama’s approval/disapproval number is deep in the red at 15.6% — which is another record low. The last poll to show Obama with a higher percentage approving of his job performance than disapproving was back in July.

The Real Clear average on Obama’s handling of the economy is even more dismal. Only 37.1% approve, a full 59.3% disapprove.

At this exact same point in what many consider to be a disastrous second term, President  George W. Bush was also at 40.0 approval. Bush’s disapproval was at 58%,compared to Obama’s 55.6%.


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