POLITICO: Obamacare Website Failure Could Doom Immigration Reform

POLITICO: Obamacare Website Failure Could Doom Immigration Reform

The botched Obamacare rollout may threaten the fate of comprehensive immigration reform, as Americans are frustrated with the disastrous Healthcare.gov website and may also be skeptical of the federal government’s ability to deliver on various border security and E-verify measures reliant on computer technology. 

Even Politico had to ask, “If the government can’t build a website, how can it be trusted to correctly process millions of undocumented immigrants and require every employer to verify the status of their workers?”

That is the question to which Americans will be demanding answers when the House likely takes up comprehensive immigration reform at the beginning of next year. Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, a Democrat, said Americans have lost more confidence with the government after Obamacare. “Our experience with Affordable Care Act does not help when you look at other big things like immigration reform.”

The Senate bill that passed, in addition to lowering the wages of working class Americans, would purportedly have measures in place to expand the country’s temporary worker program and the E-Verify system–criticized as unreliable–and enact more border security measures. 

As Breitbart News has reported, border security measures proposed in the House have been criticized for their “meaningless metrics” that would rely on government’s use of various technologies and would be susceptible to manipulation for political purposes. 


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