Democrat Resignation Could Mean Smooth Sailing for Mia Love

Democrat Resignation Could Mean Smooth Sailing for Mia Love

Longtime incumbent Democrat Jim Matheson threw in the towel yesterday. After 14 years in the House of Representatives the still-young 53-year-old Blue Dog likely read the writing on the wall and chose retirement over an almost certain loss against Republican rising star Mia Love.

In 2012, Matheson squeaked out a win against Love in the red state of Utah by about 800 votes.

A red state and a formidable opponent with a growing national profile would shake up any Democrat, but with the 2014 midterms shaping up to be The Year of ObamaCare, Matheson made the right decision. Why go through the expense and time of waging a campaign you are almost certain to lose?

As for Love, it will not be all smooth sailing. As a black female conservative, Love represents an existential threat to everything Democrats and mainstream media stand for, which means she will be held to the kind of standard our sitting president would never survive. If the media can’t take her out at the ballot box, the racist/sexist crusade will be on to toxify her to the general public.

That will take a hearty helping of dishonesty, though. In a just world Love would be seen as the impressive trailblazer she is: a mother of three, a former fitness instructor and City Council member, and the first black mayor of a growing small town. And if she wins, she’ll be the first black Republican woman to serve in Congress.

Love galvanized the national Republican Party last year during a very well-received speech at the 2012 convention.


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