Sen Manchin: Gun Control a Difficult Sell in 2014

Sen Manchin: Gun Control a Difficult Sell in 2014

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) says the passage of more gun control will be difficult in 2014.

Less than two weeks after Manchin’s gun control bill was defeated in the Senate in the spring, he promised he would “absolutely” bring gun control back up for a vote. But support has continued to wane. 

According to Politico, Manchin still wants to pass more gun control, but he does not think his fellow Senators are going to support it during this year. He said there are even some Democrats who are opposed to more gun control, especially Manchin’s signature legislation–expanded background checks.

Manchin said he hopes his colleagues will change their minds. He said that even in defeat, “gun owners didn’t oppose  [expanded] background checks in theory but were concerned that the government wouldn’t stop with checks.”

As Breitbart News reported on December 18th, Washington DC has the kind of expanded background checks Manchin wants the entire country to adopt. In DC those checks have lead to gun registries the police use to track the whereabouts of every gun lawfully owned and to be sure no one is buying or selling a gun without going through a background check. 

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