ObamaCare Website Crashes on Deadline Day

ObamaCare Website Crashes on Deadline Day

Monday, December 23rd, is the official deadline for individuals to apply for coverage through the exchanges, to ensure they have insurance by January 1st. Unfortunately for those trying to get coverage, the ObamaCare website is crashing today. Three months of “fixes” and a “tech surge” have failed to address the fundamental software problems in the exchanges. 

The Obama Administration seemed to have anticipated potential problems with the website on Monday. Over the weekend, it quietly extended the deadline for an additional day, until midnight on Christmas Eve. Some number of Americans will spend Christmas Eve night struggling with the website and trying to obtain health insurance. For many, the coverage through the website will simply replace health insurance they had before ObamaCare came into effect. 

The new deadline means insurers will only have a week to process applications and determine whether additional information is needed. It is very likely, then, that many Americans will go into the new year thinking they have coverage when they don’t. 

(The above image is a screencap of Healthcare.Gov taken on Monday.)


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