Obama Finds Protesters in Hawaii

Obama Finds Protesters in Hawaii

Even in Paradise, Barack Obama has his dissenters. Obama, vacationing in Hawaii, was forced to pass by a small group of protesters as his motorcade made its way home from his morning workout at the gym at Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Some were protesting the Administration’s use of drones, some protested that Guantanomo should be closed, and some wanted him to challenge genetically modified foods.

Obama is sunning himself for two weeks in Kailua with his family the family dogs. Friday night, almost 30 protesters demonstrated against the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact between the United States and some Asian and South American countries, claiming that the pact was for the benefit of large multinational corporations.

Mike Hasselle of the MoveOn Honolulu Council moaned, “Other than a friendly ‘shaka sign’ from the president as he drove by in his motorcade, we have not received a formal response from the White House.”