Study: Most Convicts Vote Democrat

Study: Most Convicts Vote Democrat

A scholarly study newly released in The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science has revealed that most convicts in jail register as Democrats

The study stated, “Democrats would benefit from additional ex-felon participation.” The professors who authored the study came from the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University.

The study found that felons registered Democratic over Republican by a six-to-one margin in some states, including New York, where 61.5% are Democrats and only 9% GOP. Another fact discovered was that 73% of the felons who would vote would vote Democrat.

Three states where the state government has notified convicts that they can vote are New York, New Mexico, and North Carolina.

In addition to the huge disparity in party affiliation in New York, New Mexico showed 54.6% of convicts as Democrats, with 10.2% Republican, and North Carolina had 54.6% of felons as Democrats with 10.2 GOP.

The study said there are 5.8 million eligible voters in jail, which comprises 2.5% of eligible voters nationwide. It added that most of the eligible voters in the jails are young black males.

The Democrats would be eager to have felons wrote; as The Guardian noted:

In terms of electoral results, President Obama would have added 2.6pt to his 0.9pt Florida margin had felons and ex-felons been allowed to vote. Even if we just count ex-felons, it would have been 2.2pt. Al Gore would have easily won the state given this data. Obama would have tacked on another 1.6pt to his 3.9pt win in the swing state of Virginia if it had the felon voting rules of Maine or Vermont. It would still have been an additional 1.2pt including just ex-felons…