90-Year Old Laundromat Owner Pulls Gun, Robber Flees

90-Year Old Laundromat Owner Pulls Gun, Robber Flees

On December 30th, a 90-year-old laundromat owner in Dayton, Ohio, sent a robber fleeing by reaching into his pocket and pulling out a gun instead of the cash the robber was expecting. 

According to Yahoo News, George Hicks was sitting in the office of his laundromat when a man in a hoodie walked in and demanded money. Hicks stood, reached into his pocket, pulled out a silver semi-automatic pistol, and told the robber he was going to “blow [his]… brains out.”

That was all the robber needed to hear. 

Said Hicks, “I got up, I had my gun in my hand, and he [ran] out the door.” 

When reporters asked Hicks if the foiled robbery scared him, he said, “Why get scared? I’ve got the gun and he’s running.”

Hicks said he “fully [expects]” to see that very robber or another try his luck at holding up the laundromat again. However, he says there’s no reason to worry because “he’ll be ready.”

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