U.S. Uninsured Rate Obamacare Exchange Experience Negatively

U.S. Uninsured Rate Obamacare Exchange Experience Negatively

A new Gallup Daily Poll tracking more than 1500 uninsured Americans in December found that out of the roughly 450 respondents who visited a health insurance exchange website, 59% had a negative experience and only 39% had a positive one.

The December poll showed only a tiny improvement from Gallup’s October and November polling during which 63% said their experience was negative and 33% said it was positive.

Of the uninsured Americans who checked out the exchanges, 24% visited a federal exchange, 20% tried a state exchange, 17% tried both, and 37% were unsure.

The December respondents were interviewed after the Obama administration’s November 30 deadline for fixing the glitches with federal exchanges. Although some respondents may have tried the exchanges before the deadline, Gallup suggests that the poll reflects a lack of an improved customer experience since the fixes.

Only 26% of uninsured Americans answered that they have tried a health insurance exchange website.