Virginia Gun Sales Hit 24-Year High in 2013

Virginia Gun Sales Hit 24-Year High in 2013

Virginia State Police say background checks for gun sales in 2013 “represented the highest volume of transactions since the inception of Virginia’s background check program” in 1989. Gun sales on Black Friday “also set a record.”

According to the Huffington Post, “gun transactions in Virginia totaled 479,253 for the year.” This is nearly an 11 percent increase over the previous sales record of 432,387 transactions in 2012.

Gun store owners say the continuing gun control rhetoric coming from President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Senate are driving sales to a large degree. Others identify Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe (D) as the impetus behind the sales. 

Andrew Goddard, the president of the Virginia Center for Public Safety, reacted by saying gun buyers are being “duped.” He added: “The gun industry and its mouthpiece organizations seem to be able to drum up fear endlessly even though, as time passes, none of the predictions on which they base their fear mongering come to pass.”

It should be noted that on January 3rd, President Obama bypassed Congress and instituted more gun control for the second time in just over four months. And when McAuliffe was running for governor, he made clear his plans to institute Colorado-like gun control if elected.

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