NC Sheriff Trades Rare Guns for 88 AR-15 Rifles

NC Sheriff Trades Rare Guns for 88 AR-15 Rifles

When Forsyth County, North Carolina Sheriff William Schatzman recently discovered two 1928 Thompson submachine guns and some old Smith & Wesson revolvers in the county armory, he traded them for guns his deputies could use. He got “88 Bushmaster rifles” and “nearly 200 Glock .45 caliber magazines.”

Bushmaster is an AR-15 manufacturer highly criticized by the left for making “assault rifles,” and Glock is a “semi-automatic” pistol manufacturer.

According to Fox News, Schatzman discovered the submachine guns while taking inventory during “a move to a new facility.” After finding the guns, he realized they “could fetch $30,000 apiece” and immediately began looking for trade possibilities. 

Schatzman’s office “sent out requests to 23 firearms dealers before striking a deal with Craig’s Firearm Supply, of Knoxville, Tenn.”

The Winston-Salem Journal reported that Forsyth County Chief Deputy Brad Stanley said the Bushmasters “will be deployed to officers on the street who don’t have them today.”

Thompson submachine guns were the “assault weapon” of the 1920s. Their high value today is tied to their rarity, resulting from bans progressives pushed through decades ago.  

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