Palin: Christie's 'Bridgegate' Nothing Compared to NSA Spying, Benghazi

Palin: Christie's 'Bridgegate' Nothing Compared to NSA Spying, Benghazi

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said the traffic scandal engulfing Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was nothing compared to President Barack Obama’s National Security Agency spying scandals or the Benghazi scandal that resulted in the death of four Americans in 2012. 

“Governor Chris Christie’s scandal is nothing in comparison to what the leadership in the White House has engaged in and covered up,” Palin told Inside Edition on Friday. Unlike Obama, Christie on Thursday ousted two of his top aides responsible for the traffic jam, which he announced in a press conference that lasted nearly two hours. 

Palin did not downplay the seriousness of the traffic jam in Fort Lee last year that Christie’s top aides ordered, calling it a “pretty atrocious act.” 

“What an inconvenience, what a dangerous situation,” Palin said. “Even if Chris Christie were a Democrat, people would still be very, very outraged to find out that bureaucrats were involved in messing up people’s schedules and lives via power plays,” Palin said.

Palin spoke to Inside Edition to promote her new show, Amazing America with Sarah Palin, which will air on The Sportsman Channel. 


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