Rep. Frank Wolf: Benghazi Report Never Tells Why CIA Annex Was There at All

Rep. Frank Wolf: Benghazi Report Never Tells Why CIA Annex Was There at All

Upon the release of the Senate Select Committee Report on Benghazi Wednesday, Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) released a statement asking why the report did not include any reason as to why the CIA was in Benghazi, Libya, in the first place. 

Wolf says:

Perhaps the most telling part of the report is in the ‘additional views’ section, which points out that ‘important questions remain unanswered as a direct result of the Obama Administration’s failure to provide the committee with access to necessary documents and witnesses.’ This is unacceptable.

The report also fails to even broach the subject of just what the CIA was doing Benghazi. Amazingly, it said that while some in the Department of Defense may have known of the CIA facility, neither AFRICOM nor its Commander ‘were aware of an annex in Benghazi, Libya.’

We are never going to get all the answers to what happened that night until there is a House Select Committee that can reach across jurisdictional boundaries, compel testimony and documents that the administration continues to withhold from the Congress and protect those who may want to testify about the events of that evening.

Only members of Congress’s “Super 8” may know why the CIA annex was in Benghazi and two of those members, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), are both on the Committee that released the report today. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), another member of the Super 8, would not tell Breitbart News in September if she was aware of the CIA annex in Benghazi prior to the attack, saying:

“I can’t tell you what I was briefed on,” Pelosi said of the classified briefing at her weekly press conference. When pressed by Breitbart News if she was notified by the White House if a CIA annex existed in Benghazi before the attacks, she answered, “I’m not going to answer that question. I’ve been to Libya. I was to Tripoli. I did not go to Benghazi, but had some idea of what was going on there.” “So you knew there was a CIA annex was there?” asked Breitbart news. “I’m not confirming nor denying anything on that score,” she responded.

The White House is required to give top-secret classified briefings to eight members of Congress – the two top leaders in the House and Senate of both parties, as well as the chairs and ranking members of both chambers intelligence committees, who are known as the “Super 8.” These briefings include secret CIA operations and military missions.

Today’s report mainly points to the State Department for not responding to the repeated requests from State personnel in Benghazi for more security. Wolf remains “deeply troubled” that no one has been held accountable for the events of what happened that night when four Americans were killed in Libya.


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