MAGPUL Looking Forward to New Opportunities After Leaving CO Gun Control Behind

MAGPUL Looking Forward to New Opportunities After Leaving CO Gun Control Behind

On March 4th Breitbart News reported that MAGPUL Industries would leave Colorado if the state house and senate passed a “high capacity” magazine ban. On Thursday, Breitbart News sat down with MAGPUL Industries’ Duane Liptak, Jr. to discuss the recent announcement that MAGPUL is leaving Colorado’s gun control behind and moving to Texas and Wyoming. 

Liptak said MAGPUL “started a compilation of various possible states during the legislative process, and talked to more than one of those states–including Texas and Wyoming–to open dialogue.” He said by the time the new gun laws were signed, MAGPUL “had a pared down list ready for further investigation and initial site visits.”

MAGPUL decided to split their company between Texas and Wyoming, so we asked what was attractive about these states. Liptak explained:

Both Texas and Wyoming have strong cultures of personal responsibility, self reliance and individual liberty, which are important components in our company culture. In addition, both states have outstanding business climates that will help us to continue our growth. Wyoming, being a short move and showing great support for our type of business was a natural fit for manufacturing. Texas is a great hub for the international nature of our growing portfolio.

We asked Liptak what he sees for MAGPUL in 2014. He said: “The physical relocation activities will be occurring, but we’ve also got a lot of exciting product developments and expansion planned for 2014 that these moves will help us accomplish. We are looking forward to the opportunities that our new locations will present us for another aggressive year of growth.”

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