SHOT Show: Freedom Hunters Helps Wounded Warriors Adapt to Private Life

SHOT Show: Freedom Hunters Helps Wounded Warriors Adapt to Private Life

At the 2013 SHOT Show Breitbart News was able to sit down with Freedom Hunters’ Brian Gliba, Army CPT (Ret.) to talk about things Freedom Hunters does to help wounded warriors get back on their feet. 

As we spoke, Gliba stood in front of us with his St. Bernard, Zeus, who tells Gliba when his pituitary and/or thyroid levels get too low in his body. Gliba’s brain lost the ability to monitor that when he was blown up by a IED during his second tour in Iraq.

Breitbart News asked Gliba to talk specifically about what Freedom Hunters does, and he said:

I did two tours in Iraq. I was blown up by an IED. I lost certain parts of brain function. I got a divorce, filed bankruptcy, and found myself putting a gun in my mouth and thinking about pulling the trigger. 

Then Anthony Pace found me. (Pace is the founder of Freedom Hunters). Pace took me fishing, and hunting, and he set up opportunities for me to field fly balls with professional baseball teams in our area. He gave me hope. 

We asked if Freedom Hunters had given him Zeus as well. “No,” he replied. “They don’t provide dogs but they facilitate finding them for wounded warriors who need them.”

Joe Fowler was standing with us as we spoke. He is a wounded warrior who does outreach for Freedom Hunters as well. He said Freedom Hunters takes wounded warriors on goose hunts, elk hunts, duck hunts, and even predator hunts. Fowler was injured during an attack in Iraq. However, his injuries do not keep him from hunting, running, and helping Freedom Hunters find new wounded warriors to help.

Breitbart News salutes Gliba and Fowler. We are humbled by their sacrifice.

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