House Dems Misspell Their Own Website in Ad

House Dems Misspell Their Own Website in Ad

A new ad from the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) looks to have had about as much review as the ObamaCare website. The ad, targeting Rep. Joe Heck, misspells the DCCC’s website. Amazingly, considering it is 2014, and not 1994, the creators of the ad left a “w” out of the URL address. Quality control.

Keep in mind, the ad, no doubt, had several layers of review. It is likely around a dozen people reviewed this ad before it was posted on the web. Are you kidding me? No one caught this?

Recently, a number of veteran Democrats have announced their retirement from the House. Many political observers see these retirements as an acknowledgement that the Democrats are unlikely to regain the majority any time in the near future. 

Even the Democrats’ campaign arm, the DCCC, is just phoning it in now. 


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