Daniel Defense: 'Mama's Got A Gun And She Knows How To Use It'

Daniel Defense: 'Mama's Got A Gun And She Knows How To Use It'

When Breitbart News sat down with Daniel Defense’s Marty and Cindy Daniel at the SHOT Show to talk about their growing line of AR-15 rifles, the conversation turned to a discussion about the importance of fathers and mothers taking responsibility for the safety of their families.

Cindy solidified this turn in the conversation when she told a story about a time their young son was having scary dreams and couldn’t sleep because Marty was out of town on business. When Marty called to say goodnight, he comforted their son by reminding him: “Mama’s got a gun and she knows how to use it.”

Their son fell asleep, and the next day said the reminder gave him comfort.

Cindy said it’s also comforted for her: “When Marty’s not home [our son] can’t help me, but I know that I have the gun I need to protect us. And I’m not afraid to use it.”

A smiling Marty added: 

One thing I want to stress is that there are still people out there today who don’t know that they can legally own our rifle. It looks military, but the truth is it’s a very simple gun that you can take apart and clean, that you can put new things on, and that you can get in various configurations.

It’s a great gun for the average man and woman who’ve never owned a gun and want to buy one. These are great guns to start with.

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