CO Recall Founder Launches 'Colorado 2nd Amendment Assoc.'

CO Recall Founder Launches 'Colorado 2nd Amendment Assoc.'

On January 13th Colorado recall founder Tim Knight and his fellow recall leaders launched the Colorado 2nd Amendment Association (C2AA), which is working to build citizen-lobbyists and come along side aspiring legislators who plan to run against gun control in November.

When Breitbart News recently spoke to Knight about C2AA, he said the group is going to “get into lobbying,” but they “are going to do it by getting people involved to lobby.” He said they “want to be a force multiplier, by teaching citizens how to do it.”

Knight also described the political climate that has emerged since the successful recalls in September 2013 as good, but he said there is “still adjustment that needs to happen.” 

For example:

George Rivera (R-Pueblo), the senator who replaced Angela Giron, proposed a bill that would repeal all the previous gun laws: the magazine capacity limits, the expanded background checks, etc. It was submitted to the leadership–which is still in the hands of the Democrats–and they said they weren’t going to talk about the bill or assign it to committee until April. 

Knight said by the Democrats’ own rule, leadership was supposed to ask Rivera if waiting until April was okay. But “they just bumped it, just ignored their own rule.”

But he said there currently are other pro-gun bills for which things are more positive. One is a “Constitutional Carry Bill”–a bill that says the 2nd Amendment alone is sufficient justification for concealed carry, no need for a concealed carry permit if you’re 21 or over and not a felon. The other pro-gun bill “prohibits the governor from taking away guns or stopping the sale of them when there’s an emergency of any kind.”

Knight said a big difference between the start of 2014 versus the start of 2013 is that there aren’t “any negative gun bills” being pushed.

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