Poll: Obama Still Flat On His Back at 40% Approval

Poll: Obama Still Flat On His Back at 40% Approval

While the media turns all of its guns on Republican governors Christ Christie and Bob McDonnell and chooses to ignore the growing pile of hardships ObamaCare is inflicting on the American people, this tactic is not doing anything to help resurrect President Obama’s approval numbers. A Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday shows the president still flat on his back with only 40% approving of the job he’s doing and a full 54% disapproving. This is actually worse than an earlier poll that had Obama at 41%-53%.

The deep-dive numbers on specific issues are even worse. The president is upside-down by large margins on every issue except terrorism:

39 – 56 percent for his handling of the economy;

36 – 59 percent for his handling of healthcare;

48 – 41 percent for handling terrorism;

40 – 49 percent for foreign policy;

39 – 47 percent for handling Iran.

The public also gives the president low numbers on his personal character. Obama is upside-down 46-49% on trustworthiness and barely above water as a strong leader (49-48%).  

A full 77% are not buying the media spin about the economy improving, rating it as either “not too good” or “poor.”

With the media and Obama gearing up a Spring campaign on the issue of income inequality, this poll throws a whole lot of cold water on that. Only 1% of those polled see income inequality as a top priority. Gun control and the environment also polled at 1%. Immigration is at a mere 2%. Blowing every other issue out of the water as a top priority is healthcare (18%), jobs/unemployment (16%), and the economy (15%).

The real problem for Obama is that the media just isn’t going to be able to artificially boost him any longer. As hard as the media will try to paper over the phony ObamaCare enrollment numbers and ongoing catastrophes, this is all happening out there in the real world and to real people. Between New Media and people just talking to one another, the media cannot cover this rolling catastrophe up.

The media has also lost all credibility when it comes to happy-talking the economy. We are five years into Obama’s disaster of a recovery; there are no jobs; ObamaCare is about to hit the employer-market like a nuke; and only the fat cat, welfare queens on Wall Street are doing well under Fed policies of which the president approves.

Obama has promised that 2014 will be a “year of action.” After five years under Obama’s oppressive and failed policies, that sounds like a threat — not “hope.”  

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