Snowstorm, Media Indifference Won't Stop March For Life

Snowstorm, Media Indifference Won't Stop March For Life

While the effete mainstream media engages is all-about-me-hysterics over winter weather arriving in winter, those fighting for the human rights of the unborn are undeterred in their annual March for Life in Washington DC. Every year, hundreds of thousands of pro-life activists show up for a march marking the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, and Politico reports that what some are calling Snowmageddon will not hinder the hour-long march scheduled for Wednesday.

Nor will it change the fact that year after year, the mainstream media goes out of its way to ignore what is usually the biggest DC protest of the year:

Every January for the past 40 years, a large group of anti-abortion advocates has gathered on the National Mall and then marched to the Supreme Court to mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Organizers say their participants in the past few years have numbered from 200,000 to 400,000, a large part of whom are young people, and yet they remain perplexed why one of the largest demonstrations in Washington, D.C., gets little of the attention they feel it is due.

“It is sort of frustrating when you’re downtown freezing your tail off with hundreds of thousands of people, it’s the biggest you can imagine you’ve ever taken part in, and you go home and you watch the news or you pick up the paper and … you’re lucky if you get on the news 20 seconds of coverage,” said Kevin Bohli, director of youth outreach for the Catholic Diocese of Arlington. “You might have 10 people camped out in a park for Occupy getting news for weeks on end, but hundreds of thousands of people from all of the nation coming together and almost nothing.”

True to form, Wednesday’s forecast looks anything but favorable for an outdoor rally and march. After snow blanketed the area Tuesday, Wednesday’s high was expected to be in the teens with a wind chill as low as -8, according to the National Weather Service. Organizers were considering shortening the rally, but the event was still planned to continue as of Tuesday.

The media’s obvious pro-abortion bias has not only failed to kill off this march, it has also failed to stop the American people from becoming more and more pro-life. Moreover, overwhelming numbers of Americans now support “significant abortion restrictions,” such as parental notification, a 24-hour waiting period prior to aborting your unborn child, and a ban on abortions after 20 weeks.

What are the stakes here? As Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey points out, “Fifty-five million children have been killed and discarded over the last 41 years. It’s time to bring that to an end.”



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