Cold Weather in Chicago Has 'No Foreseeable End,' Meteorologist Says

Cold Weather in Chicago Has 'No Foreseeable End,' Meteorologist Says

CHICAGO, Jan. 23 (UPI) —
A National Weather Service forecaster says there is “no foreseeable end” to the extremely low temperatures being felt in Chicago.

The deep freeze will last into at least next week, with the warmest temperatures coming on Friday, the Chicago Tribune/WGN-TV reported Thursday.

Temperatures may not reach zero by Monday, and wind chills may reach 30 or 40 below, Birk said.

The National Weather Service warned that “frostbite and hypothermia can occur in a matter of minutes” in such extreme temperatures.

Meanwhile, in the Northeast, forecasters said temperatures, which are currently about 30 degrees below average, will remain low for at least the next week, NBC News reported.

Small snow storms are also possible, meteorologists said.

Parts of Texas are also experiencing low temperatures, NBC said. Houston and San Antonio were expecting ice by Thursday night.

Winter-storm watches and winter-weather advisories have been issued for those areas, were temperatures will be in the 20s, Palmer said. Parts of the Rockies and southern Louisiana will also experience the cold front.