Missing Congressman Steve Stockman Says He Traveled to Russia

Missing Congressman Steve Stockman Says He Traveled to Russia

AUSTIN, Texas–Missing Texas Congressman Steve Stockman told an associate he was headed to Russia to meet with Vladimir Putin, according to an electronic communication reviewed by Breitbart News, and now says he is in London.

The new information offers tantalizing clues both to Stockman’s whereabouts and purpose as speculation continues to build about his unusual absence in the weeks since launching a quixotic primary challenge to Senator John Cornyn.

Stockman broke his silence on the matter in a text message sent to Breitbart News at 3:26am central time.

“I am on a bipartisan codel. I’m on foreign affairs. Part of my work,” Stockman said, adding that he doesn’t know why a Houston Chronicle reporter said “I’m missing” because “we met with the press every day.”

Stockman also said “I am in a meeting now – London.”

Daily News Egypt reported Jan. 20 that Stockman was part of group of five lawmakers who traveled to Egypt as part of a congressional delegation led by Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of California. Inquiries to members of the delegation and the House Foreign Affairs Committee have not been returned.

According to the electronic communication reviewed by Breitbart News, Stockman said he was leaving for Russia to meet with Putin several days before the Daily News Egypt report. 

Stockman did not verify to Breitbart News he traveled to Russia and the electronic communication sent from him to another person is the only evidence currently available that he traveled there.

Stockman has not voted in the House since Jan. 9, missing his last 15 roll call votes.

He has also been largely MIA in Texas where he is challenging Cornyn in the Senate primary, prompting rampant speculation about his whereabouts.

His congressional and campaign aides have not responded to numerous media inquiries on the matter over past weeks, and his neighbors told a local news station they hadn’t seen him in weeks.

On Friday, Stockman tweeted “Where am I? Find out Monday…”

Matthew Boyle contributed to this report.


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