Arizona Lawmakers Propose Multiple Pro-Gun Bills

Arizona Lawmakers Propose Multiple Pro-Gun Bills

As Arizona lawmakers convene to start 2014, they are pushing numerous pro-gun bills, including concealed carry for university professors. 

According to, State Representative Carl Seel (R-Dist. 20) is sponsoring legislation to allow faculty to carry concealed. The caveat in the proposed legislation is that it “only applies to permanent faculty, not visiting or adjunct professors.”

Seel is also sponsoring legislation to create an Arizona Citizens’ Markmanship Program, designed “to teach shooting skills and sell firearms that can help members hone those skills.” 

State Senator Rick Murphy (R-Dist. 21) proposed legislation which broadens the number of places where citizens can carry a concealed handgun to include “public establishments and events” where “secured storage areas for firearms” aren’t offered. “Public establishments” are defined as “buildings and vehicles owned by the state or its political subdivisions.” 

Murphy also put forth legislation protecting antique firearm collectors. 

Representative Brenda Barton (R-Dist. 6) is sponsoring legislation to “[raise] the legal standard, from ‘reasonable suspicion’ to ‘probable cause,’ for a law-enforcement officer to ask if someone is armed.” 

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