Keeping Texas Red – Houston Political Donors Lead the Way

Keeping Texas Red – Houston Political Donors Lead the Way

Political donors in the city of Houston rank among the top in the nation in terms of per capita political giving according to a study released today by a personal finance website known as NerdWallet Finance. Houston came in sixth place in this study and was the only Texas city to rank in the top ten.

Republican donors outweighed Democratic donors by nearly three to one. Donations to candidates for the 2014 election cycle from Republicans came in at $1.04 per capita while Democrats gave at the rate of $0.33 per capita.

Even stronger donation support came from Houstonians who donated to Political Action Committees (PACs). PAC donations were reported as $1.22 per capita.

Data for this study is gathered from the Center for Responsive Politics. The data is based on donations of over $200 to federal candidate, political parties, and PACs for this year’s midterm elections. This study does not include donations for state and local candidates.