David Horowitz's 'Go For The Heart' Puts Big Education in Its Crosshairs

David Horowitz's 'Go For The Heart' Puts Big Education in Its Crosshairs

David Horowitz has a new organization called “Go For the Heart,” a 501c4, which will employ Horowitz’s ‘turn the guns around on them strategy’ toward the Democrats and their cronies who enable bad legislation and policies that have proved disastrous to those it is intended to help. 

Go For the Heart’s first offering, a sixty second web spot called “Atrocity,” pulls no punches in an attempt to focus the tragedy of failing public schools on those he sees as responsible for the ongoing and dismal failures of these schools: Democrats and the Teachers Unions that support them.

In this hard hitting ad, we see inner city school kids, mainly black and Hispanic, who are doomed to a merry go round of limited opportunities, generational poverty, and worse, due to high drop-out rates. For the children who do make it to graduation, the prognosis is equally bleak.

Horowitz says, “A significant percentage of black and Hispanic students who do manage to graduate are unable to read their own diplomas. Overall, black high-school graduates are four academic years behind their white counterparts in achievement levels.”

He also says that until people stop propping up the politicians and institutions that perpetuate these outcomes on inner city school children, the problems will continue to metastasize.

“I chose ‘Atrocity’ to be our first project because what’s happening to poor mainly black and Hispanic children in our public schools is an atrocity, and it is one around which there is a great media silence,” Horowitz wrote. “That is because the atrocity is being committed by the Democratic Party and its union supporters. ‘Atrocity’ is an attempt to break that silence.”

You can watch the video here.


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